Experience Faster Real-Time AI, ML Performance at the Edge Soon

NGD Systems' partnership with Trenton Systems aims to solve the biggest real-time business intelligence challenges in big data by boosting artificial intelligence and machine learning at the edge.

With NGD Systems' computational NVMe drives and Trenton Systems' servers, the drivers themeselves can analyze and prioritize whether the data needs to flow upstream for further processing.

By combining our NVMe SSD Solutions with Trenton Systems' latest storage platforms, we can deliver the value of added compute to the platform. Using a JBOF solution to deplay large-scale storage, up to 32TB per U.2 Drive, and added compute locally, provides a unique and innovative way to solve data analytics where data is generated.

Trenton Systems has long been developing large amounts of PCIe slots into its servers and NVMe JBOF products. This made a natural partnership with NGD's PCIe SSD drives, and we're excited about the pratical applications that this will have for high-capacity, mission-critical, real-time storage application that can benefit from pushing the computational analysis to the extreme of the edge.

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Trenton Systems' close collaboration with NGD Systems sets to redefine storage drives for the increasing data demands applications require today.