Enabling Digital Transformation - Providing Localized Data Analytics at the Edge

Watch NGD Systems VP Marketing Scott Shadley showcase three unique working models – Azure IoT Edge, CDN traffic Routing, and eDiscovery.

Rugged, High-Capacity Computational Storage Solutions

During this 30-minute webinar, Krdzalic and Shadley discussed the combination of Trenton Systems' rugged computing solutions and NGD Systems' state-of-the-art NVMe SSDs as an ideal fit for real-time business and mission-critical intelligence applications, among other topics.

NGD Systems and VMware Video Demonstration of Computational Storage

Daniel Beveridge, Director, Advanced Technology Group - VMWare shares a new Edge Analytics solution that can effectively accommodate the vast amount of data generated by IoT and video content, makes sense of these sets of data using AI, and ensure that edge systems always stay functional across outages especially at far Edge locations.

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Amplifying Elasticsearch

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MongoDB Solution Brief

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ACM Transactions on Storage, Computational Storage Special Edition

Reducing cost, increasing results
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SODACon Global 2021: Data and Storage Matters

SODACon Global 2021: Data and Storage Matters

Catch NGD Systems' Eli Tiomkin, Chair, SNIA Computational Storage SIG/VP Business Development and Scott Shadley, Co-Chair, SNIA Computational Storage TWG/VP Marketing as they take part during the SODACon 2021.


July 13 - 14 Wednesday, 2021


Virtual SODACon


SODA Foundation

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