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Storage on the Edge with Scott Shadley

What is computational storage and how do we manage storage on the edge of the network? This week’s conversation is a discussion on how storage and data is managed within IoT devices and partially covers the new segment of computational storage. Martin and Chris talk to Scott Shadley, VP of Marketing for NGD Systems.

Introduction to Computational Storage

In this episode I’m with Scott Shadley (VP of Marketing at NGD Systems) and we talk about computational storage, how it works and its benefits compared to other storage models.

NGD Systems Newport Platform

Expanding the Frontiers of Storage and Computing Introducing our 3rd Generation of Computational Storage Solutions. Solving the Data Tsunami and Big Data Compute issues with In-Situ Processing enabled NVMe SSDs

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Catalina-2 Product Brief

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In-Situ Processing White Paper

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QoS Marketing Brief

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