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Bringing Intelligence to Storage

How can storage and application architects avoid moving large data sets across busses and datacenter networks? The NGD Systems Catalina 2 is a second-generation NVMe™ SSD that was built to address this specific issue. Storage architects confront how to scale applications in their storage environments without significantly increasing costs.

In-Situ Processing

NGD Systems’ revolutionary Computational Storage ‘storage + compute’ architecture incorporates new processing and hardware acceleration into the storage itself and eliminating the need to move data to main memory prior to processing. This evolutionary step forward enables new paradigms in Big Data Analytics and other AI related processing.

Elastic FTL

NGD Systems’ proprietary Elastic FTL and Advanced LDPC Engines provide the needed NAND Flash Agnostic capabilities and industry leading capacity scale customers need in today’s data deluge. This patented technology ensures the ever changing availability of 3D NAND, QLC NAND, and future NVM storage solutions.

Power and Weight

NGD Systems’ Computational Storage solutions provide the lowest Watts Per TB rating in the industry while still providing the ability to compute in storage. Additionally, the patented hardware architecture allows for the lightest physical weight available in these storage footprints. Combining these features continues to provide leadership in the NVMe market.

Catalina-2 (CAT-2) U.2 SSD

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The Catalina-2 (CAT-2) U.2 SSD provides maximum capacity and efficiency into a 15mm drive. Leading the industry with up to 16TB of storage, low power consumption and minimum weight allows the CAT-2 U.2 to lead storage engineers to new opportunities in server and storage designs.

With performance optimized for scaling to match network bandwidth and backplane capabilities, customers are not required to have excess capacity or performance, but achieve the appropriate balance to match their server architectures.

Adding in NGD’s In-Situ Processing capabilities creates an industry leading solution for application management and scaling.

Raw Capacity 8TB, 16TB
Interface/Protocol PCIe Gen3 x4; NVMe 1.3
Error Protection Patented LDPC
Max Power 12W
Operating Temp 0°C to 60°C
Dimensions 69.85 x 100.45 x 15mm
Weight 145g
Warranty 3 years

Catalina-2 (CAT-2) PCIe Add-In Card (AIC) SSD

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The Catalina-2 (CAT-2) PCIe Add-In Card (AIC) SSD provides the added capacity needed for those truly Big Data footprints. With up to 32TB of capacity available, the added benefits of scaling storage become realized for customers.
Combined with the same added intelligence that the U.2 solution has but with more scale.

Raw Capacity 8TB, 16TB, 32TB
Interface/Protocol PCIe Gen3 x4; NVMe 1.3
Error Protection Patented LDPC
Max Power 13W
Operating Temp 0°C to 60°C
Dimensions 111.28 x 254.00 x 18.05mm
Weight 485g
Warranty 3 years

Development Systems

Knowing that developing key new architectures can be challenging, NGD Systems offers customers a fully integrated platform called our In-Situ Processing Development System (ISDP).

This ISDP enables developers and integrators to build applications for in-situ processing solutions in a pre-packaged and deployable solution.

The ISPD can be configured with your choice of 1U, 2U or even 4U server. Single socket CPU and up to 8 drives (based on server choice) to develop and deploy immediately.

How We Do it

NGD Systems Intelligent Storage products utilizes a breakthrough architecture providing in-situ processing platform for customers to allow applications to run within the drive minimizing network and data traffic and minimizing CPU and memory footprint requirements.

The Patented Elastic FTL also allows for the world’s highest capacity, coupled with low power consumption in an NVMe Storage device.

NGD Systems’ proprietary QoS technology incorporates patented algorithms to manage power and flash endurance while maintaining 9s latency characteristics.

The Innovative architecture works with any 3D TLC and is QLC flash ready. This is enabled by a proprietary LDPC error correction engine that allows for multiple media generations as well.