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NGD Systems Receives Best of Show Innovation Award for In-Situ Processing at Flash Memory Summit 2018

NGD Systems Advanced Newport Platform for computational storage recognized for innovation in SSD Flash Technology.

NGD Systems

Thursday, August 9 2018 |

NGD Systems Announces Next-Generation Newport Platform for Computational Storage

NGD Systems is going to launch its “Newport” platform that will provide In-Situ processing with NVMe 1.3 PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 storage performance in a variety of form factors including M.2 and EDSFF that do not suffer from performance due to power throttling like other architectures.

NGD Systems

Thursday, August 2 2018 |

NGD Systems to Showcase FAISS Running on In-Situ based NVMe SSDs at the 2018 OCP Summit, March 20-21, 2018

The NGD Systems will showcase the potential of computational storage by augmenting the use of the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Similarity Search (FAISS) at the CloudFest 2018 on March 12-15.

NGD Systems

Tuesday, March 13 2018 |

NGD Systems Announces the Industry’s Highest Capacity SSD

The new and highly powerful storage solution Catalina SSD that boasts of 24TB storage capacity made by NGD Systems is now available and is aiming to meet concerns within the data center and cold storage applications alike.

NGD Systems

Wednesday, February 22 2017 |

Enterprise SSD Storage Startup NxGn Data Changes Name to NGD Systems

NxGn will now be known as NGD Systems as part of the company’s step to upgrade the system-level capabilities that the company enables directly in storage subsystems.

NGD Systems

Wednesday, August 17 2016 |

NxGn Data At FMS 2016

NGD Systems

Wednesday, August 3 2016 |

NxGn Data Awarded a Phase 1 SBIR Grant from the NSF for Storage Analytics

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded NxGn Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 1 grant that will support ongoing research and development of the company’s In-Situ processing for SSD products.

NGD Systems

Wednesday, December 16 2015 |

NxGn Data to Present at Open Server Summit 2014

The NxGn will present its revolutionary In-Situ processing capability at the Open Server Summit on November 11-13, 2014.

NGD Systems

Monday, November 10 2014 |

NxGn Data Emerges from Stealth Mode to provide a paradigm shift in enterprise storage solutions

The NxGn will go on public after more than a year of developing its technology that will improve overall energy efficiency and performance by eliminating storage bandwidth bottlenecks and high cost.

NGD Systems

Tuesday, July 29 2014 |