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VMworld 2020

Emerging edge use cases need to process vast amounts of data and yield AI-driven insights faster than ever. These systems are increasingly in the critical path and need to handle host failures without a hiccup for mission-critical environments. This session explores a new solution that combines leading computational storage technology from NGD Systems, a VMware Tanzu Greenplum database and VMware vSphere 7 for a high-performance, zero-downtime edge analytics solution. You’ll learn how to enable computational storage with GPUs by using vSphere Bitfusion technology, allowing efficient machine learning inference and even training new models at the edge. We’ll show how VMware vSAN and vSphere Fault Tolerance work together to offer zero-downtime edge analytics for a small form factor deployment.

NGD Systems

Friday, July 24 2020 |

Compute at the Edge Is Paramount, Learn How to Get Compute at the Drive Level!

With the growth of data generation at the Edge and need to get value from that data quickly, the market has run into a hurdle on how to get enough compute and processing with the available space, power and budget. The ability to deploy compute resources within the storage devices with Computational Storage is key to the growth of this market.

NGD Systems

Wednesday, October 21 2020 |