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Edge AI Summit

it is well known that the network edge, in the Internet of Things, is where the critical mass of digital data resides, and where it is collected. Scalability bottlenecks to ubiquitous AI, such as power consumption, bandwidth, latency, connectivity and security have led to recent innovations in on-device processing and edge infrastructure such as micro-data centers and distributed computing architecture.

NGD Systems

Wednesday, November 20 2019


AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will deliver a keynote speech at the 2019 COMPUTEX International Press Conference & CEO Keynote with the topic “The Next Generation of High-Performance Computing” on May 27. Dr. Lisa Su and partners will highlight new details of upcoming products and showcase how the industry is building a new high-performance computing ecosystem that will push technology to the next level.

NGD Systems

Tuesday, May 28 2019