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Enabling Digital Transformation - Providing Localized Data Analytics at the Edge

Watch NGD Systems VP Marketing Scott Shadley showcase three unique working models – Azure IoT Edge, CDN traffic Routing, and eDiscovery.

Offloading ML Processing to Storage Devices with NGD Systems

Today’s storage devices (disks and SSDs) have processors and memory already, and this is the concept of computational storage

Computational Storage adds AI to eDiscovery

No heavy lifting, no additional CPU cycles, no GPUs necessary. Simply let the application run on Computational Storage, and everything you store on that system is now indexed and searchable.

NGD Systems and VMware Video Demonstration of Computational Storage

Daniel Beveridge, Director, Advanced Technology Group - VMWare shares a new Edge Analytics solution that can effectively accommodate the vast amount of data generated by IoT and video content, makes sense of these sets of data using AI, and ensure that edge systems always stay functional across outages especially at far Edge locations.

Innovation Coffee - Computational Storage with NGD Systems

Alessandro and Robert ran through some of the main highlights of 2020 before meeting with Vladimir Alves and Scott Shadley, respectively CTO and VP of Marketing of NGD Systems. The conversation focused on computational storage and the benefits that this new technology brings. The NGD team also showcased a few demos to showcase how developers can leverage their computational storage drives.

NGD's NVMe Computational Storage Device Is Powered by Azure IoT Edge

Scott Shadley, VP of Marketing, sat down with Olivier Bloch from The IoT Show to share great insights about NGD Systems’ computational storage and a quick demo about how Azure IoT storage works. Click the video to learn about the power of IoT edge, Azure IoT, NGD Systems’ computational storage solutions, and more.

AIC Webinar: Computational Storage—Your Strategic IT Advantage

AIC, AMD, and NGD Systems teamed up to introduce the concept of computational storage, which allows for data to be processed and analyzed where it is generated and stored, exponentially increasing system performance and reducing the overall power consumption.

Understanding How Edge Computing, Azure IoT Edge, and NVMe Computational Storage Work

Edge compute, Azure IoT and Computational Storage are among the most in-demand IT infrastructures today. Know what are the different functions of these bespoke technologies and learn how they can advance performance and data processes.

Founder's Podcast with NGD Systems Founder Nader Salessi

The company’s intelligent Solid-State Drive is loaded with intelligence that could soon be used in everything from automotive AI to the protection of hacking and data leaks.

NGD Systems and Arm Provide HPC with NVMe Computational Storage

This video from the recent SC19 event in Denver is a quick and concise overview of how the close collaboration of Arm and NGD Systems is bringing new storage intelligence to the HPC and Supercomputing markets.

#117 – Introduction to NVMe Computational Storage with NGD Systems

This week’s episode is the final recording from Flash Memory Summit 2019. Chris is joined by the team from NGD Systems for a discussion on Computational Storage. On this podcast are Scott Shadley, VP of Marketing, Nader Salessi, CEO and Ashok Savdharia who has the lovely title of “technologist”.

The Future of Data Storage, and Why Traditional Cloud Storage Just Won’t Cut It

Global society is creating more data than ever before, and with every passing day, more information is created, demanding storage space. So where does it all go? Cloud storage has largely come to the rescue for our data storage needs, but even now the cloud technology is reaching a plateau. So how do we innovate data storage for the demands of the future?

The Latest on NGD Systems' Newport Platform

The latest look at the benefits of Computational Storage in the world of Zettabytes of data. A small glimpse into the value for a simple Hadoop Implementation as well.

NGD Systems Storage Field Day presentation.

NGD Presents at Storage Field Day 17

View presentations by CEO Nader Salessi, VP of Marketing Scott Shadley, and CTO Vladimir Alves at the 2018 Storage Field Days Event.

NVMe Computational Storage With In-Situ Processing

It only takes a few NVMe flash drives to saturate a server's PCIe Bus. Network those NVMe flash drives and the situation only gets worse. Computational Storage solves the problem by placing compute capabilities directly on the storage. Organizations can use computational storage to narrow down the data set and only transfer relevant data back to the application.

Tech Chat Episode 12: Hits the Road: AI and Big Data Expo

In this week’s episode, Max takes a trip to the AI & Big Data Expo. He was able to speak to EMEA Sales Director for NGD Systems, Jos Keulers, about the benefits of computational storage in relation to accelerating AI applications. Also, he spoke with CEO and Co-Founder at Skim Technologies, Jack Hamspon, about key focus areas organisations need when implementing ML and NLP. Finally, Max speaks to Head of Data Science at Enigma Pattern, Lukasz Kuncewicz about why real data is bad.

Tech Unplugged Podcast on NVMe Computational Storage

In this 10th episode of the TECHunplugged Podcast, Scott Shadley (@SMShadley) joins hosts Max Mortillaro (@darkkavenger) and Arjan Timmerman (@arjantim) for an insightful discussion about a potentially transformational event in the storage industry: the advent of computational storage.

NGD Systems Newport Platform

Expanding the Frontiers of Storage and Computing Introducing our 3rd Generation of Computational Storage Solutions. Solving the Data Tsunami and Big Data Compute issues with In-Situ Processing enabled NVMe SSDs