Gain an Edge Over the Data Tsunami

Computational Storage Reduces Data Surges by moving Compute to the Data

Data generation is accelerating incessantly. In fact, an overwhelming 2.5 quintillion of data is created every single day, and it will continue growing in the future.

Taking advantage of this stream of data will allow your business to grow and compete in the dynamic market. However, an overwhelming quantity of data could result in latency issues and negatively affect the performance of business operations.

Fortunately, the rapid technological development enabled edge computing to overcome this data stream and changed a wide range of industries by giving them the capability to analyze the voluminous influx of data with reduced load on the internet networks.

To provide you with an in-depth understanding of edge computing. Gartner offers a comprehensive analysis of this technology to improve the efficiency and agility in edge computing.


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Computational Storage Helps Address
Many Issues at the Edge

How can you effectively utilize edge computing and solve the challenges in data, diversity, protection, and locations? Read what Analysts are saying about the changing infrastructure:

The Newport Platform

Creating a living strategic plan, approach, and framework for edge computing that balances a variety of requirements within manageable guidelines.

The Newport Platform

Ensuring that proof-of-concept deployments demonstrate the ability to handle real-world scale for management, connectivity, security, compute, and storage.

The Newport Platform

Minimizing the attack surface by ensuring that edge computing hardware, software, applications, data, and networking have security and self-protection built-in.

The Newport Platform

Investing in technologies that automate data management and governance at the edge as much as possible.

The Newport Platform

The Newport Platform was designed to address these and more issues that have been overlooked for generations of storage architecture.

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