Celebrate Innovation; It Impacts our Daily Lives; VivaTech Part 2

//Celebrate Innovation; It Impacts our Daily Lives; VivaTech Part 2

Join us in celebrating Innovation with Viva Technology May 16-18, in Paris. We recognize technology has the power to transform business and society and we appreciate any opportunity to collaborate with tech leaders as we celebrate industry innovation. In our last blog we emphasized Orange CEO Richard’s leadership in focusing on how people use technology and the demand for a more efficient network infrastructure. The next logical step in creating that more efficient network infrastructure is, as Richard explains, “Creating the majority of the world’s population to the Internet would significantly boost development. It would lead to improvements in health, literacy and levels of education. It would stimulate the economy and result in a better alignment between supply and demand in the labour market.”

Computational Storage- faster, more efficient, less expensive, reliable, intelligent real-time data analytics- is not just about technology and the thrill of low latency and incredible processing (although the geek side of that is incredibly gratifying). It is also about meeting the needs and demands of real people in demanding circumstances where delay can mean life or death, intelligent analysis means better decision-making, and impact that extends far beyond that moment in time. Big data demands are critical to military operational readiness, aviation infrastructure, healthcare performance, facial recognition for national security purposes, to traffic management and other quality of life needs. The ability to manage and make sense of petabyte scale datasets impacts our daily lives.

Real-time data analytics of large datasets is achieved by in-situ processing that allows for a more affordable, reliable, efficient, intelligent alternative to moving massive amounts of data. Unnecessarily moving data and all the problems that entails, including huge infrastructure footprint, more power consumption, higher costs, also produces no better result. Can you imagine all the service providers today, from plumbers to doctors, but no phones? You would have to drive over to the doctor’s office, make an appointment, drive back home, wait for the appointment and then drive back. All of that effort versus just calling and making an appointment?

Want to find out more about how our recently-launched Newport platform can help you? Come see us in the Orange Booth at VivaTech (Hall 1, Booth J07) if you are in Paris next week, or visit our website. Thanks!