Celebrate Innovation As We Achieve a More Efficient Network Infrastructure; VivaTech Part 1

//Celebrate Innovation As We Achieve a More Efficient Network Infrastructure; VivaTech Part 1

Touted as the “world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation,” VivaTech bring the world’s tech talent together in Paris, May 16-18. The drive behind this effort is the core belief that technology has the power to transform business and society. One of this year’s featured speakers is Stephane Richard, Chairman & CEO for Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. A key to Orange’s success has been the focus not just on technology but how people can use it. As Richard explains, technology use is accelerating and there is an increasing demand for achieving a more efficient network infrastructure in order to guarantee high quality in high volume service demand.

Stephane Richard emphasizes that “History has proven to everyone that the telecoms sector is good at reinventing itself to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. Over the past 150 years, telecoms operators have played their part in meeting some of society’s greatest challenges: from Graham Bell inventing the first telephone to Artificial Intelligence, not to mention the explosion of the Internet and IoT. These technological advances must be harnessed to ensure progress for everyone”.

Our NGD Systems leadership has the same philosophy of meeting technological advances in ways that allow the highest quality of performance, and which make the scope of creative genius the only bounds of technological potential. Our CEO & Founder, Nader Salessi, recognized that while storage capacity and interface performance was growing, storage had remained unchanged, dating back to tape and floppy disks. Nader and rest of the founding team at NGD Systems took a “ground-up approach” to rethinking the way SSD technology was being built, adding the link to make storage more valuable without forcing core architecture change – a transformation approach to petabyte scale real-time analytics – with in-situ processing. Our Newport Computational Storage Platform embodies this transformation to meet the demands of petabyte-scale applications.

Richard’s objective is to “develop ways for everyone to be able to make the most of the digital world, because only then can we drive both individual and collective transformation.” Achieving that efficient network infrastructure, particularly as technology delivers larger and larger datasets, with no performance impact, is the driver for innovation in the tech space today.

Questions about Bringing Intelligence to Storage? Contact me, or visit us in the Orange Booth (Hall 1, Booth J09) at VivaTech!