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Securely Accelerating Content Delivery Networks

For most people, the concept of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is kind of foreign. CDNs are the hidden infrastructure that underlies most of the world wide web today. When you visit a major website, it is very likely that you are in fact being served content from a CDN point of presence (PoP). CDN PoPs are distributed throughout the world, typically in large cities to minimize the latency that end-users see when the content is delivered. Examples of CDNs that are focused on delivering content for businesses include Akamai, Limelight, Amazon Web Services, and Cloudflare; these companies deliver content for companies

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Thursday, March 28 2019

The Challenge of Bringing Intelligence to the Edge

Clearly, edge computing use cases are important use cases, and creating and deploying edge computing solutions for these types of problems has significant complexities. The number of important use cases for edge computing are

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Friday, February 15 2019

What is Edge Computing?

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Wednesday, February 13 2019