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Technology: 2018 Was Great, 2019 Will be Greater!


In a sense, we are all spoiled in the technology world. Our environment is one of constant progress and change, and you can always say “if last year was great, next year will be even better!”, or “if you don’t like today’s hardware/software/solutions, wait until tomorrow”. It’s easy to become jaded at how quickly our technology is evolving, and to downplay any specific milestones as just being part of the overall advancement of technology. However, there [...]

Technology: 2018 Was Great, 2019 Will be Greater!2018-12-12T16:50:00+00:00

Gartner Says We Are A Cool Vendor. Let’s Get “Techy” About It!


If you read our blog from Tuesday, you know that NGD Systems was named as a "Cool Vendor" in storage technology by Gartner this month. As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for NGD Systems, this is especially meaningful to me. After all, this validates our technology and shows it is about cool technology, where NGD Systems is first and foremost focused. In our case, that technology is the paradigm shift in infrastructure called Computational Storage, and [...]

Gartner Says We Are A Cool Vendor. Let’s Get “Techy” About It!2018-12-04T10:23:45+00:00

Other Bioscience Use Cases for Computational Storage


While BLAST represents a great bioscience use case for computational storage, it is by far not the only great bioscience use case. There are a variety of bioscience problems that are “parallel in nature” where massive data movement is a significant problem, and for which Computational Storage could have value. Radiomics, a field of medical study whose goal is to extract useful features from large numbers of medical images to improve diagnostics, is a perfect example [...]

Other Bioscience Use Cases for Computational Storage2018-11-01T13:42:02+00:00

BLASTing the Analysis of Protein Sequencing


One of the more important tools in biological computation today is known as the Basic Local Alignment Search Tool, or BLAST. The purpose of BLAST, which was developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is to take a genetic protein sequence and compare it against a database of sequences. The output of BLAST is a list of sequences that are identical or similar to the query sequence. It does this by looking at “short words” [...]

BLASTing the Analysis of Protein Sequencing2018-11-20T14:54:12+00:00

Is Computation for Bioscience Still Hot?


Are biosciences and computation for bioscience still hot topics? In the early 2000s, the promise of bioscience was everywhere around us, and much of it was powered by advances in computation and big data. The sequencing of the human genome in 2002 is but one example of how computation, enabled by significant reductions in the cost of DNA sequencing, has accelerated bioscience. Yet, this trend seemingly gave way (or at least press time) to other computationally-accelerated [...]

Is Computation for Bioscience Still Hot?2018-11-01T09:05:48+00:00

NGD Systems Catalina-2 Now Support Containers


Vladimir Alves, CTO (July 12, 2018) - Good news! Our Catalina-2 intelligent storage devices have been enabled to natively support containers, enabling even more applications to run with near-data processing. Our R&D team has been working on providing support for containers, starting with Docker. Containerized applications can now run seamlessly on the Catalina-2 NVMe SSD enabling near-data computing. We are confident that combining In-Situ Processing, Docker containerization all on a 16TB SSD provides a solid platform, [...]

NGD Systems Catalina-2 Now Support Containers2018-11-01T09:16:09+00:00