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Scott has spent over 20 years in the Semiconductor and storage space in MFG, Design and Marketing. His experience spans over 15 years at Micron and time at STEC. His efforts have help lead to products in the market with over $300M in revenue.

Big Data: Collect it All, Sort it Later?


Technology industry analyst Charles Araujo best summarizes the early approach to big data as “Collect it all, sort it out later”. The focus was (and has continued to be for many companies) a competition of collection and storage of petabyte-scale data with little to no emphasis on the “and then what” question. Besides the obvious problem of data having little to no intrinsic value on its own, the fact is that data is not a [...]

Big Data: Collect it All, Sort it Later?2019-04-18T09:19:47+00:00

The Progress of AI and Big Data in Business


The AI & Big Data Expo in London (April 25-26, 2019) showcases next-gen technologies and strategies for practical AI and Big Data business applications. Dr. Marc Teerlink, Global Vice President of Intelligent Enterprise Solutions and Artificial Intelligence at SAP, is a featured speaker at this year’s expo and a subject matter expert on AI and machine learning technologies. Dr. Teerlink points out that just a few years ago machine learning was unheard of outside tech space. [...]

The Progress of AI and Big Data in Business2019-04-15T23:57:48+00:00

Big Data, Machine Learning, and Newport Computational Storage


Big data references the amount, type, and speed of data analytics for purposes such as ecommerce metrics, business intelligence, research trends to detect patterns. The challenge is data storage and the best approach to synthesize the information. Machine learning involves interpreting data as it is processed to learn from the data, as a foundation to allow the machine to essentially teach itself over time. Petabyte-scale parallel workloads are becoming more common and present problems for [...]

Big Data, Machine Learning, and Newport Computational Storage2019-04-11T09:00:06+00:00

NAB Show 2019, Computational Storage and Video Analytics


The NAB Show 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (April 6-11) boasts 100,000 attendees from 160 countries. This show attracts a diverse community of industry professionals ranging from broadcasting gurus to film, gaming, mixed reality, VR, AI, AR, radio, sports, and television experts. That is just a sampling of the expertise represented at NAB each year, and, this year boasts a schedule sure to not disappoint. The Thought Gallery is a collection of works from [...]

NAB Show 2019, Computational Storage and Video Analytics2019-04-09T08:38:15+00:00

How Computational Storage Can Eliminate Latency in Content Delivery Networks


Our last blog explored the challenges that content delivery networks (CDNs) encounter with content encryption, and how these challenges impact the performance and capacity of CDN content servers. In this blog, we will examine how computational storage and in-situ processing can eliminate those latency challenges, and provide CDNs with processing that scales linearly with storage capacity. In computational storage systems, compute resources are embedded directly in storage systems or devices, allowing data to be acted [...]

How Computational Storage Can Eliminate Latency in Content Delivery Networks2019-04-04T08:42:44+00:00

The Cost of Latency for Content Delivery Networks


Our last blog talked about content delivery networks (CDNs), and the challenges of applying unique encryption keys to thousands (or more) pieces of content simultaneously. In this blog, we will dive a little deeper into this problem, and some of the complexities that make this a critical problem for CDNs to resolve. One of the greatest challenges with encryption for CDNs is the latency inherent in host (server) based encryption. The diagram below illustrates the process [...]

The Cost of Latency for Content Delivery Networks2019-04-02T09:47:23+00:00

Securely Accelerating Content Delivery Networks


For most people, the concept of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is kind of foreign. CDNs are the hidden infrastructure that underlies most of the world wide web today. When you visit a major website, it is very likely that you are in fact being served content from a CDN point of presence (PoP). CDN PoPs are distributed throughout the world, typically in large cities to minimize the latency that end-users see when the content [...]

Securely Accelerating Content Delivery Networks2019-03-28T02:32:15+00:00

Computational Storage and Data Security for Private Clouds


The RSA Conference was held earlier this month at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. One of the focus areas in the presentations and keynotes was a concept called “zero trust”, which is a very hot topic in the cloud computing environment. The idea behind zero trust is that you don’t trust any users on the cloud (even if they are inside the network perimeter), and maintain strict access control to each and every data [...]

Computational Storage and Data Security for Private Clouds2019-03-26T05:45:48+00:00

The NGD Systems and AIC Solution for Artificial Intelligence Applications


We are now into Day 4 of the 2019 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC), and there has been a lot of exciting developments! NGD Systems is sharing Booth 530 with AIC, where we are demonstrating a jointly-developed computational storage solution. Our solution provides customers who want to utilize computational storage with a turnkey solution to accelerate their applications. The solution combines an AIC FV2019-LX 2U/24-bay NVMe server with up to 24 NGD Systems ICS-8100 NVMe U.2 [...]

The NGD Systems and AIC Solution for Artificial Intelligence Applications2019-03-21T07:12:36+00:00

GTC 2019, Artificial Intelligence, and Computational Storage


NVIDIA’s 2019 GPU Technology Conference (GTC) kicked off on Monday of this week at the San Jose Convention Center. While the name of the conference might suggest to the uninitiated that it would be around gaming and other graphics technology, GTC is arguably the leading conference on artificial intelligence (AI), due to the nearly-universal use of general-purpose graphics processing units (GPGPUs) for AI workloads and high-performance computing (HPC). The 2019 GTC Conference covers topics including [...]

GTC 2019, Artificial Intelligence, and Computational Storage2019-03-19T09:26:03+00:00