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NGD Systems Computational Storage Devices Now Support Containers for Flexible Application Deployment


Catalina-2 intelligent storage devices now natively support containers, enabling applications to run with near-data processing. NGD Systems, Inc., the leader in computational storage, today announced the ability to run Docker containers, within NGD Systems Computational Storage devices. Providing support for containerized applications within the Catalina-2 NVMe SSD, NGD Systems has extended the flexibility of its powerful “In-Situ Processing” and simplifying the process of using applications in near-data computing. Combining In- Situ Processing, Docker containerization, and 16TB [...]

NGD Systems Computational Storage Devices Now Support Containers for Flexible Application Deployment2018-07-12T15:01:07+00:00

QoS Marketing Brief


In modern computing architectures it has been shown that being the ‘fastest’ is not always the best solution for computing and storage problems. While we continue to see the shear IOPS performance of storage increasing with the move from SATA/SAS to NVMe as well as PCIe Gen 3.0 to Gen 4.0, it has been found that maximizing the bandwidth of these interfaces does not necessarily lead to an overall better performing system solution. VIEW PDF

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NGD Systems Presentations at Flash Memory Summit 2018


See NGD Systems presentations from the 2018 Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, Cal. Read the NGD Systems Keynote Presentation with Microsoft Research, and our two theater presentations. Advanced Error Correction Technology and Reliability Development Computational Storage Session 301 – Real World Solutions KEYNOTE: NGD Systems Welcomes Microsoft to Showcase Intelligent Storage

NGD Systems Presentations at Flash Memory Summit 20182018-09-04T15:26:07+00:00

Introduction to Computational Storage


The advent of high-performance, high-capacity flash storage has changed the dynamics of the storage-compute relationship. Today, a handful of NVMe flash devices can easily saturate the PCIe bus complex of most servers. To address this mismatch, a new paradigm is required moving computing capabilities closer to the data. Download PDF

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Catalina-2 Product Brief


Solving The Real Issues In Storage How can storage and application architects avoid moving large data sets across busses and datacenter networks? The NGD Systems Catalina 2 (Cat-2) is a second-generation Non-Volatile Memory Express® (NVMe™) solid state drive (SSD) that was built to address this specific issue. Storage architects confront how to scale applications in their storage environments without significantly increasing costs. This is especially true in distributed real-time analytics involving very large data sets of [...]

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Hear NGD Systems Presentation at the G2M Research SSD Webinar, Sept 11, 2018


This webinar will focus on new form factors for NVMe SSDs, as well as new functionality such as encryption, advanced search, and computational storage. Participating vendors will include a variety of SSD vendors, including those with new form factor devices (ruler, etc.) and additional functionality. View Now

Hear NGD Systems Presentation at the G2M Research SSD Webinar, Sept 11, 20182018-10-12T11:13:56+00:00