What is computational storage? Everything you need to know

Computational storage is rapidly evolving and creating value across the IoT, ML, edge computing and more

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Friday, October 23 2020 |

Moving Data And Computing Closer Together

The speed of processors has increased to the point where they often are no longer the performance bottleneck for many systems. It’s now about data access.

NGD Systems

Thursday, July 9 2020 |

NVMe Computational Storage Fundamentals Explained

Computational storage is an emerging technology, but it isn't too soon to develop an understanding of how it can be used to address storage latency and performance issues.

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Tuesday, June 23 2020 |

The 20 Coolest Component Vendors: The 2020 Storage 100

These 20 storage component vendors give software and data the right base on which to operate.

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Tuesday, April 14 2020 |

NVMe Computational Storage Terminology Explained

Computational and edge storage are changing the way we manage data at the network edge. Understanding the terminology around this technology can help clarify how it works.

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Wednesday, March 25 2020 |

NVMe Computational Storage Winds Its Way Towards The Mainstream

Enterprises are said to be awash in data, and one of the problems posed by all this data is not just storing it, but processing it. Storage architectures have by and large been keeping up with the capacity problem, while the introduction of flash has also given storage a much-needed speed-up over the past decade, significantly boosting the performance of transactional workloads such as databases as well as file, block, and object storage.

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Tuesday, February 25 2020 |

Top 2019 Enterprise Storage Arrays Win Products of the Year

Winners of the 2019 Products of the Year signal a shift from disk to flash storage arrays. Vast Data takes gold, NGD Systems wins silver and DataDirect Networks captures bronze.

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Monday, February 17 2020 |

Compute-in-storage startup NGD raises $20m

Compute-in-storage pioneer NGD has raised $20m in a C-series round to develop production of its technology and invest in sales and marketing.

NGD Systems

Thursday, February 6 2020 |

NGD Systems Raises $20 Million in Series C Funding to Accelerate the Deployment of the World’s First NVMe Computational Storage Drive

The latest round includes new investments from MIG Capital and Western Digital Capital Global, Ltd, that enables artificial intelligence, machine learning and edge computing within computational storage.

NGD Systems

Wednesday, February 5 2020 |

NGD raises $20 million for storage hardware designed to handle AI workloads

IDC predicts that worldwide data will grow 61% to 175 zettabytes by 2025, which will invariably put a strain on infrastructure as organizations look to sort, search, scan, and otherwise derive value from this data. That’s where NGD Systems comes in — it’s an Irvine, California-based company offering a computational storage drive tailor-made for on-device AI and machine workloads. To lay a runway for growth, NGD this week closed a $20 million series C financing round led by Western Digital Capital, with participation from existing investors including Orange Digital Ventures, Partech Ventures, BGV, and Plug-N-Play.

NGD Systems

Wednesday, February 5 2020 |