Computational Storage Predictions For 2020: CDN, 5G And More

Nader Salessi, the CEO and NGD Systems’ founder, has predictions about how enterprises relying on the hyper-scale, edge, and CDN environments will store and process data in 2020. Read more here.

NGD Systems

Wednesday, November 20 2019 |

Computational Storage Reinvigorates Storage in a Novel Way

Computational storage (CS) offers a faster, more affordable and power-efficient way to store and analyze petabytes of data. Get started here.

NGD Systems

Wednesday, November 20 2019 |

What’s the difference between computational storage and storage computation in memory? Let’s find out

nCorium rejects the idea of performing compute in storage to accelerate storage IO; intends to deliver storage computation in memory. Find out more here.

NGD Systems

Monday, November 18 2019 |

NGD Awarded 30th Patent

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Monday, October 28 2019 |

Addressing Edge Computing Needs with Advanced Data Storage

The Storage Networking Industry Association aims to lead the storage industry in developing and promoting vendor-neutral architectures, standards, and educational services that facilitate the efficient management, movement, and security of information.

NGD Systems

Thursday, October 24 2019 |

Utilizing Computational Memory

Sylvain Dubois, Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Marketing for Crossbar, identified ReRAM as a CMOS back-end of line technology which can be integrated between the metal routing layers of the CMOS.

NGD Systems

Wednesday, October 23 2019 |

NGD Systems Earns 30th Patent

The NGD Systems’ latest interface compatible with an M.2 connector socket for ultra-high capacity solid-state drive earned the company’s 30th patent.

NGD Systems

Tuesday, October 22 2019 |

NGD Systems Recognized by 451 Research as a 451 Firestarter

NGD Systems, Inc. received a 451 Firestarter award from leading technology research and advisory firm 451 Research, recognizing the company’s success in computational storage.

NGD Systems

Friday, September 27 2019 |

Solving The Memory Bottleneck

The trifecta of von Neumann architectures, Moore’s Law and Dennard scaling collectively force the industry to change and impact the way that applications have to think about the hardware platform that they run on.

NGD Systems

Thursday, September 26 2019 |

When NVMe is Simply Not Enough: The Future of Storage for Edge Workloads

SSDs have evolved over the past decade to meet the growing demand of AI and Edge-Related workloads and now computational storage takes intelligent storage to the next level.

NGD Systems

Wednesday, August 28 2019 |