Digital Storage Projections For 2020, Part 2

Toshiba introduced during the 2019 Flash Memory Summit the XFMEXPRESS, targeted at mobile apps, automobiles, and gaming consoles.

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Monday, December 23 2019 |

NGD Systems 2020 Predictions: NVMe, 5G and Content Delivery Networks

As the amount of data intensively swells and impacts compute applications, a change in handling the growing strain produced will be necessary for 2020. Read what they are in this post.

NGD Systems

Friday, November 22 2019 |

Computational Storage Predictions For 2020: CDN, 5G And More

Nader Salessi, the CEO and NGD Systems’ founder, has predictions about how enterprises relying on the hyper-scale, edge, and CDN environments will store and process data in 2020. Read more here.

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Wednesday, November 20 2019 |

Computational Storage Reinvigorates Storage in a Novel Way

Computational storage (CS) offers a faster, more affordable and power-efficient way to store and analyze petabytes of data. Get started here.

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Wednesday, November 20 2019 |

What’s the difference between computational storage and storage computation in memory? Let’s find out

nCorium rejects the idea of performing compute in storage to accelerate storage IO; intends to deliver storage computation in memory. Find out more here.

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Monday, November 18 2019 |

NGD Awarded 30th Patent

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Monday, October 28 2019 |

Addressing Edge Computing Needs with Advanced Data Storage

The Storage Networking Industry Association aims to lead the storage industry in developing and promoting vendor-neutral architectures, standards, and educational services that facilitate the efficient management, movement, and security of information.

NGD Systems

Thursday, October 24 2019 |

Utilizing Computational Memory

Sylvain Dubois, Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Marketing for Crossbar, identified ReRAM as a CMOS back-end of line technology which can be integrated between the metal routing layers of the CMOS.

NGD Systems

Wednesday, October 23 2019 |

NGD Systems Earns 30th Patent

The NGD Systems’ latest interface compatible with an M.2 connector socket for ultra-high capacity solid-state drive earned the company’s 30th patent.

NGD Systems

Tuesday, October 22 2019 |

NGD Systems Recognized by 451 Research as a 451 Firestarter

NGD Systems, Inc. received a 451 Firestarter award from leading technology research and advisory firm 451 Research, recognizing the company’s success in computational storage.

NGD Systems

Friday, September 27 2019 |