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NGD Systems Executive Team

Nader Salessi

CEO, Founder

Nader has spent his career leading Technology teams and driving company success for over 30 years. With history leading the STEC Engineering department and launch of the Enterprise SSD Market. More recently Nader led a team at Western Digital in their Enterprise SSD product platform. In 2013, he made the decision to launch his own company, NGD Systems, with his co-founders to develop an emerging solution to the SSD market, creating the world’s first Computational Storage device.

Vladimir Alves

CTO, Co-Founder

Vladimir Alves obtained his PhD degree in Microelectronics when the 500nm CMOS process was all the hype. Since then Vladimir worked in the academia, startups and multinational companies architecting and developing System on Chips. In the last 15 years he has been focusing on solid state storage technology and is now the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at NGD Systems helping create innovative technology that pushes the boundaries of storage and computation.

Richard Mataya

EVP, Co-Founder

Richard is an OG storage nerd and has devoted his career to driving SSD product develop and leading technology teams. His pioneering work at Memtech included putting SSDs on the polar ice caps, deep undersea, and into outer space, with later leadership at STEC and Western Digital that included introducing the first SSDs to enterprise applications. He is currently Co-Founder and EVP of Product Development and Operations at NGD Systems, and his portfolio includes thousands of SSDs and 8 granted patents.

Mike Yousef

SVP Sales

Mike is a champion of new technologies and has spent his career doing what others deemed impossible.  With storage experience in semiconductors, systems, and SSD’s. Mike has seen the complete storage value chain from multiple perspectives.  As a senior executive Mike has built and led worldwide teams in sales, marketing, business development, and technical disciplines for both Fortune 500 as well as startup companies.

Al Talavera


Al has spent his career leading technology companies financial planning for over 25 years. Al has led teams at Western Digital, Broadcom Corporation, Semtech and a number of early stage companies. Al has worked on M&A, Financial planning and fundraising efforts for these companies. Al is a CPA and loves life in Orange County.

Eli Tiomkin

VP Business Development

Eli has spent his career developing and driving business and sales for over 20 years. He has experience with storage companies like M-Systems, STEC, StorOne, and Western Digital. He has been in Sales or Business Development at many companies that were at ground level and helped them all to successfuly growth.

Scott Shadley

VP of Marketing

Scott has spent over 20 years in the Semiconductor and storage space in MFG, Design and Marketing. His experience spans over 15 years at Micron and time at STEC. His efforts have help lead to products in the market with over $300M in revenue.


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