A3 for Telcos: Mapping the Financial Value

We consider the potential financial value of adding analytics, AI and automation (A3) into a telco’s processes. Our modelling assesses the value of A3 in more than 150 processes across core network operations, customer care channels, and sales and marketing. In this report, we assess the financial value of each of the operational areas, in dollar terms, for an average telco.

Through an assessment of nearly 150 individual process areas across a telecoms operator’s core operations, we estimate that A3 can deliver the average telco more than $1 billion dollars in value per year, through a combination of revenue uplift and opex and capex savings, equivalent to 7% of total annual revenues.

As a benchmark, Telefónica is an industry leader in leveraging automation and AI to improve operational efficiency, and in 2019 it reported total operational savings of €429mn across the entire group. While this is primarily focused on customer facing channels, so likely excludes the value of A3 in many network operations processes, for instance energy efficiency which is delivering significant value to Telefónica and others, it suggests there remains lots of value still to capture.

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Computational Storage Can Compliment and
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The Newport Platform

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