Rugged, High-Capacity Computational Storage Solutions

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Thank you for joining Trenton Systems' Director of Marketing & Business Development, Yazz Krdzalic, and NGD Systems' Vice President of Marketing, Scott Shadley, on Tuesday, Feb. 9, as they discussed their recent partnership and joint end-to-end solutions during the "Rugged, High-Capacity Computational Storage Solutions" webinar.

During this 30-minute webinar, Krdzalic and Shadley discussed the combination of Trenton Systems' rugged computing solutions and NGD Systems' state-of-the-art NVMe SSDs as an ideal fit for real-time business and mission-critical intelligence applications, among other topics.

When did this webinar premiere? Tuesday, Feb. 9, at 2 p.m. EST
Where did it take place? Microsoft Teams
What was its purpose? To discuss ruggedized, high-capacity computational storage solutions that boost artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) performance at the edge

Webinar Agenda
1. Who we are: Trenton Systems
2. Who we are: NGD Systems
3. How we work together + benchmark data
4. Use cases and industry solutions
5. Questions and answers

Thank you for engaging with us and learning more about how you can acquire deployment-ready, field-tested, mission-critical computing and storage solutions fast.