Provide In-Situ Processing to drive compute capability at the storage device
Unites storage and compute satisfying the growth of Edge, Datacenters and AI
Scalable Computational Storage

Scalable NVMe Computational Storage

Listening to Customer Requirements and delivering solutions that provide NVMe SSDs with In-Situ Processing to drive compute capability at the storage device. This unites NVMe SSD storage and compute to satisfy the growth of Edge, Datacenters and Accelerate AI Workload Deployments.


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451 Research announces NGD Systems as a Q3 2019 Firestarter innovation award recipient

The 451 Firestarter award recognizes organizations for exceptional innovation and disruption in their market. Based on their insights and expert opinion of long-term trends and the competitive landscape within the industry, the 451 Research analyst team, on a quarterly basis, nominates technology firms of any size and age.

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NGD Systems and UCI Collaborate to Improve Machine Learning Training

Why try to put square pegs in round holes, See how NGD Systems and UCI were able to shave the pegs of Deep Neural Network Training in this Technology paper

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ARM Releases Computational Storage White Paper

NGD Systems partner, ARM, has compiled and released a Technical Paper on the value of Computational Storage and how the Industry can NGD Systems technologically advanced solutions to solve real world problems today

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Bringing Intelligence to Storage

ability to sort, search, scan and derive value from data at the source

Overcoming the Data Tsunami

Data growth is creating a gap in today’s compute infrastructure due to the amount of information that is generated versus the results required. By supplying the ability to sort, search, scan and derive value from data at the source is paramount to success in overcoming the data Tsunami.

Artificial Intelligent (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and all workloads require a new method to provide real time results. That is the power of In-Situ Processing


In the News

What is computational storage? Everything you need to know

What is computational storage? Everything you need to know

Friday, October 23, 2020

Computational storage is rapidly evolving and creating value across the IoT, ML, edge computing and more

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Compute-in-storage startup NGD raises $20m

Moving Data And Computing Closer Together

Thursday, July 9, 2020

The speed of processors has increased to the point where they often are no longer the performance bottleneck for many systems. It’s now about data access.

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Computational storage terminology explained

NVMe Computational storage terminology explained

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

As more applications generate massive amounts of data -- think IoT, AI, analytics -- the time taken to transfer, analyze and process that data is becoming a significant factor, slowing storage networks and systems. Computational storage is a way to update storage architectures and strip out latency, making the storage-compute process more efficient.

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Revolutionary Computational Storage Solutions, solve modern AI and ML workloads

Saving FAISS with In-Situ Processing

Our Revolutionary Computational Storage Solutions use In-Situ Processing (to process within the storage) to solve modern AI and ML workloads. As much as 500x faster than traditional Architectures.

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Beyond IOPS and GBs and focus execution, QoS is a paramount success in managing data that is more valuable

QoS, Not IOPS and GBs is Key

Current metrics on SSD storage are no longer valid for solving today’s workloads and needs. The need to look beyond IOPS and GBs and focus on execution and QoS is paramount to be successful with managing your data that is now more valuable than ever

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Patented SSD management and In-Situ Processing

Capacity Scaling Done Right

With the data tsunami coming, the ability to store and manage all of that data becomes a challenge. Not only do you need to get more capacity in a single device, but having that device manage its on data is key. See how High Capacity Storage combined with Compute options solves scale issues.

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