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Our Mission

NGD Systems is focused on bringing computation to data and in doing so, changing the economics and footprint requirements of real-time big data analytics. NGD’s advanced proprietary controller technology utilizes a patented Elastic FTL algorithm and Advanced LDPC Engine architecture to provide industry leading capacity and scalability. The controller also deploys NGD’s patented In-Situ Processing technology to provide a computational storage capability that achieves unparalleled scalability for big data analytics. The company is led by an executive team that helped drive and shape the flash storage industry, with decades in leadership positions with storage companies such as Western Digital, STEC, Memtech, and Micron.

Vertical Markets

Hyperscale Data Centers

Hyperscale data centers execute a wide variety of workloads, many of them parallel in nature. By utilizing intelligent storage for these workloads, hyperscale data centers reduce CapEx, OpEx, power/cooling, and physical footprint.

Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) need to be able to rapidly provide a variety of encrypted and access-controlled content to subscribers. Intelligent storage allows access control and encryption to occur at the point of storage, reducing costs.

Fog Storage and the Intelligent Edge

With a growing need to store and analyze data at the edge, or newly defined Fog Storage market, a gap in analytical ability is growing. Intelligent storage solutions solve the low power, more efficient compute needs  without strain on the edge and fog platforms.

NGD Highlights

Catalina-2 Product Brief

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The CAT-2 with in-situ processing is built to address many key issues in the programmable storage and content delivery markets that currently limit application performance and scaling.

In-Situ Processing White Paper

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The advent of high-performance, high-capacity flash storage has changed the dynamics of the storage-compute relationship. Today, a handful of NVMe flash devices can easily saturate the PCIe bus complex of most servers.

New Webinar

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Hear about the benefits of Intelligent storage in this NGD Systems/G2M Research webinar.